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    Technology is driving radical change in land surveying. We’re Frontier Surveying, and we provide?land surveying, mapping, GIS services, 3D laser scanning, and hydrographic surveys for oil and gas, pipeline, utilities, transportation, and construction. We embrace the new scientific approach that’s reshaping our industry by combining our Registered Professional Land Surveyors with world-class mapping technology, and acting on our deep commitment to service.

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    Frontier Surveying offers an industry-leading array of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) products and services. Our diverse background, experienced and professional teams, combined with the most current cloud-based GIS technology, allow us to provide customized, web-based, enterprise-wide solutions.

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    We accelerate response time to meet your critical deadlines. We will have a crew in the field and on your job site promptly, usually within 48 hours. Frontier crews, all GIS and GPS equipped, are professional, uniformed, highly qualified, and led by Registered Professional Land Surveyors. In the field, we connect real time to our data center and project management systems, ensuring no delays between data collection, preparation, and delivery. Our office response times are very prompt. We utilize the latest software and train our staff continually to do the job accurately and efficiently.?

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    Elevating the standards for our industry is part of our DNA. From employing Registered Professional Land Surveyors to our industry-advancing technology, and a corporate environment where ideas and initiative are not only encouraged, but also sought out and rewarded, our goal is to create and exceed standards that lead our industry. Our dedication to that approach has helped us maintain a reputation as a company focused on excellence.

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    Map quick view

    Hi-Def 3D Laser Scanning
    Hydrographic Surveying
    Our Texas Footprint

    Our Texas Footprint


    We know Texas. We’ve mapped Texas.

    We are deeply rooted in Texas.


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